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Probate & Estate Administration
Probate administration can be a relatively straightforward process in Florida. In fact, nearly 90 percent of estates are administered without court supervision.

At Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A, we help both professional fiduciaries serving as personal representatives, and family members serving the personal representative of a family member’s probate estate. The probate process includes gathering the deceased’s assets, inventorying them, paying the expenses of the deceased’s last illness and burial, paying creditor claims, distributing the remaining estate assets to the beneficiaries, preparing an accounting, and closing the probate case. We also represent beneficiaries when they are concerned that the personal representative may not be properly administering their loved one’s probate estate.

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Florida Representation for Out-of-State Clients
If you live in another state and a relative of yours, living in Florida, has recently died – our firm can provide you with whatever type of legal representation you need. We routinely represent out-of-state clients with Florida probate administration concerns as well in probate litigation matters. We endeavor to communicate with out-of-state clients in writing, by phone and fax, by e-mail, and by using overnight delivery services when necessary. We use the most cost effective means to communicate with our clients in light of any time constraints we are under. Our goal is that our out-of-state clients do not have to come to Colorado unless they wish to do so or a hearing is held at which they must appear personally. It is possible to request that a party be allowed to appear at hearings by telephone, and we do so frequently.

A Practical, Cost-Effective Approach
The bulk of most routine probate administration matters is handled by our experienced, highly trained paralegals. This approach keeps costs down without sacrificing anything in terms of the quality of legal services provided as the attorney assigned to the matter supervises and reviews our paralegals’ work. Our two paralegals bring practical experience, having worked on probate administration for years. Our clients report that they enjoy working with our personable paralegals, and that they appreciate our continuing efforts to keep our fees as low as reasonably possible.

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