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Death can take a tremendous toll on a family. In addition to the emotional turmoil, survivors must deal with a number of financial and tax issues, some of them mundane and some quite complex.

We provide legal guidance to ease your stress and confusion during probate and estate administration. Please ring us, or let us know your needs using the form over to the right.

Some steps can’t wait
When someone dies, the family or named executor often does not know what to do first. We counsel you and your family on the steps you need to take immediately and on those that can wait until you’re more prepared to deal with them.

Serving as a buffer during disputes
Despite people’s best intentions, families often fight when someone dies. Probate and related proceedings often end up in disputes, including contests of wills and trusts, construction (interpretation) of wills and trusts, disputed ownership, claims for debts or services rendered, division of personal property, proceedings to retrieve assets from individuals who received them improperly, and other areas too numerous to list.

In those instances where family members don’t all get along, we can act as a buffer. If a contest arises, we try to settle it to our clients’ satisfaction.

Services tailored to your needs
If you live outside Florida, we can arrange everything from securing your loved one’s possessions, to having bills paid or services stopped, meeting gardeners and contactors to make sure the house doesn’t fall into disrepair, to selling the house and more.

Let’s Get Acquainted
We offer a complimentary “Get Acquainted” meeting for you to meet in person and make sure we are the right fit for each other. Please rings us or fill a short form at this site to Request a “Get Acquainted” Meeting.

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