Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A

This firm is proud to focus on the needs of the mature person. We realize that it can be an intimidating experience to walk into an attorney’s office. We know that you are coming in because there are some difficult issues going on in your life which need to be handled. We try to minimize your stress by being mindful of these issues and your needs. You will find that our staff is exceptionally caring and knowledgeable and that each client is treated with careful personal attention while receiving the proper legal advice needed to accomplish the best possible resolution. We enjoy our work and treasure an individual attorney-client relationship with each person.

Understanding Mature Clients
We understand that older adults often have special needs such as decreased vision or hearing, or mobility issues. Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A gladly and cheerfully accommodates those needs by treating mature clients with patience and understanding. The office is easily wheelchair or walker-accessible, with ample parking space.

We Specialize in:

• Wills
• Living Trusts
• Testamentary Trusts
• Powers of Attorney
• Advance Health Care Directives

• Estate & Trust Administration after death
• Probates
• Sales of Property in Estates
• Grant Deeds
• Affidavits Death of Joint Tenant

• Probate Avoidance
• Conservatorships of the Person
• Conservatorships of the Estate
• Guardianships of the Estate

Our rates are very reasonable and have remained below for years. Most services are rendered on a reasonable flat fee, so you can ask as many questions as you wish without the worry of incurring additional fees each time.

The initial first-hour consultation fee is $100 and will provide you and the attorney with an opportunity to explore and become acquainted with all of the details of your legal issue. During this consultation you will receive advice on how to proceed on your own if you desire. In most cases if the firm is retained then the consultation fee will be applied to your legal costs, which means you just received a Free Consultation.

Senior Discount available upon request.

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