Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A

Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A provides the latest drafting strategies for estate planning. Our attorneys holds a Certificate of Completion in the areas of probate and estate planning. This certificate required nearly 70 hours of training including the following seminars:

• Drafting an Estate Plan for an Estate Under $5 Million;
• After Hours Tax Series: Hot Topics in Estate and Gift Tax;
• 17th Annual Drafting Estate Planning Documents;
• Preparing Estate and Gift Tax Returns and Post-Death Tax Planning;
• Estate Planning for Second Marriages and Non-Traditional Family;
• Handling Contested Estate Proceedings;
• Estate Planning for Retirement Assets;
• Administration of Trusts;
• Planning Techniques for the Taxable Estate;
• Estate and Financial Planning for Elderly or Disabled Client;
• 47th Annual Probate and Estate Planning Institute;
• Fundamentals of Estate Planning;
• Fundamentals of Estate Administration.

Our services include advising clients on the proper testamentary devices for their specific needs, gifting and providing financial assistance (in accordance with an estate plan) to their children during the client’s life, business continuity planning and business transition. In general estate plans should: (1) eliminate exposure to unnecessary taxes; (2) avoid the risk and expense of probate court; and (3) create documents that allow a spouse or surviving family members to preserve assets and meet the requirements for a loved one to apply for available State or Federal benefits.

Our firm advises and drafts documents for clients on the following estate and probate issues:

Estate Planning

• Self-Proving Wills
• Pour-Over Wills used with Trusts
• Gifting
• Promissory Notes with Self- Canceling Provisions
• Trusts
• Powers of Attorney
• Medical Powers of Attorney (Patient Advocate Forms)
• Memorandum of Personal Effects
• HIPAA Releases and Authorizations
• Lady Bird Deeds (Enhanced Life Estate Deeds)
• Trust Amendments and Restated Trusts
• Estate Plan and Document Review
• Post Divorce Review of Estate Plans

Probate Counsel and Probate Administration

• Estate and Trust Administration
• Informal Decedent Estate Proceedings
• Formal Decedent Estate Proceedings
• Small Estate Proceedings
• Guardianships
• Conservatorships

We listen to your needs and meet your expectations with knowledge, integrity
and results.

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