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Probate And Estate Administration
Finding yourself in control of a loved one’s estate and assets can be a daunting task, especially if things were not organized very well or if there are tense family dynamics. A lawyer can help you sort through all the paperwork and guide you through probate and all estate administration matters. At Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A, we will also work with you to help keep the peace through a time that can be very emotionally demanding.

Is Probate Necessary?
In Florida, probate is only required for estates with assets over $50,000. Furthermore, if the deceased did the necessary estate planning, probate might be able to be avoided. I will review the situation to determine whether probate court is necessary.

If probate is necessary, I can draft all of the required documents and deal with the court on your behalf so that you can focus your time on being with your family. I can help you understand the terms of a will or trust and explain the rights and responsibilities of the personal representative, trustee, beneficiaries, and anyone else named.

If probate is not necessary, I will assist with any other estate administration tasks, such as trust administration. I will work with you to help as much or as little as you would like. Sometimes, my clients will handle simple parts of the process while I take care of more technical or difficult tasks. Other times, I handle everything. I can also deal with unique assets, such as life insurance policies. These may not go through either the probate or trust processes. Especially with older policies, it may be difficult to figure out how to claim these benefits. I can track down the information you need to file a claim so that the proceeds can be distributed quickly.

Estate Litigation
During this time of complex legal processes and intense emotions, it is not unusual for disputes to arise. I work proactively to avoid disputes over assets or involvement in the administration. In the event that a dispute does come up, I will strive to resolve it efficiently and amicably. I am well-versed in resolving will contests and other estate disputes.

Need More Information About Estate Administration And Probate?
The majority of probate can be done without you having to travel to an attorney’s office or go to court. To learn more, call us or send me an email today.