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Family Law
Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A practice all areas of family law. Depend on an experienced attorney services to provide the legal assistance you deserve through:

• Dissolution of Marriage
• Establishment or Modification of Parental Responsibilities
• Grandparent Visitation
• Adoption
• Child Support
• Guardianship of Minors
• Protection Orders
• Paternity Cases
• Name Changes

Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A Understands
Our attorney understands the intricacies of divorce involving not only legal matters, but also the impact it has on the family unit. Our family attorney is a licensed family law mediator who will mediate custody and visitation disputes. Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A is court approved in the first and second judicial circuits and as a guardian for minor children in family law cases.

Mediation Services
If you and the other party do not have an agreement on custody or visitation issues, you are required to participate in mediation by the Florida Supreme Court. You have the right to contact a mediator on your own and set up the mediation before starting your court action.

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