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When Your Legal Concern Falls Within The Area Of Family Law
A divorce is a time of great disappointment for most people. Other emotions that often accompany divorce include anger, fear and worry. There may also be feelings of relief — or anticipation of relief. Making smart choices in your best interests can be a challenge at this time. An experienced, understanding lawyer on your side can be a great source of support — and can simplify the process.

Even when a divorce is amicable, it can present numerous hurdles. Taking inventory of assets, arriving at a property division settlement, and dealing with child custody issues are all challenging aspects of divorce for most people. There are also issues that could create conflict later that you don’t think of during a cooperative process – for example, what should the process be if a disagreement comes up in the future? I am prepared to give you the advice and guidance you need to meet these challenges with self-assurance.

Focusing On Divorce
Our family law practice focuses primarily on divorce, including:

• Divorce with a collaborative approach (See the page on this website describing this in detail.)
• Divorce through mediation (I represent clients going through mediation. I also serve as a family law mediator.)
• Divorce for clients seeking help with “do-it-yourself” documents and processes (Can you actually do it yourself? Let’s talk over your options.)
• Representing Children As A Guardian Ad Litem

There are times when a neutral third party attorney (called a guardian ad litem) must be appointed to represent the legal interests of minor children. As an attorney in this role, we express opinions to the court about what is in the best interest of children. If we serve as a guardian ad litem for your children, we will take the time to talk with you, your children, and other people who are important in your children’s lives to understand what is best for them.

Schedule A Consultation With A Florida Family Law Attorney
I understand that the emotional part of family law sometimes seems overwhelming. With a calm, thoughtful approach, I have helped many clients overcome difficulties and achieve their goals with speed and efficiency. Request a meeting with Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A or, if necessary, in another convenient location by calling or sending an email through this website. The scheduling tool on the Contact page will allow you to set your own consultation time and date.