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Family Law Attorney Services
Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A assists clients with numerous legal services aimed at helping them avoid the costs and stress of divorce issues and family matters decided through litigation. The Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A offers the following services to clients in Florida:

• Divorce / Family Mediation Services
• Collaborative Divorce Representation
• Legal Document Preparation
• Limited Scope Consulting Services

We offer numerous Limited Scope Consulting Services for individuals who want the benefits of our legal experience and knowledge without the usual costs associated with the standard legal representation. Family Law Lawyer at Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A reviews any proposed settlement agreement and legal document, offers case analysis and case strategy, and represents clients in settlement negotiations. If you are looking for skilled legal assistance with formal discovery, Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A will draft and review interrogatories, request or respond to demands for documents, and prepare subpoenas.

Divorce Family Law Issues
Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A strives to help clients affordably and amicably resolve family and divorce issues. Our family law firm provides services in many areas, including:

• Divorce
• Child Support
• Child Visitation
• Child Support Modification
• Child Custody & Parenting Plans
• Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership
• Spousal Support / Alimony
• Modifications to Spousal Support
• Mediation of Premarital Agreements
• Property Division

Because Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A helps clients avoid long, emotionally-heightened, and financially-draining court battles, she does not offer legal representation in divorce and family matters that require litigation because the cost per person for divorce and family litigation averages $25,000. In contrast to the negativity and hostility of a courtroom battle, the Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A offers couples the opportunity to use creative strategies when resolving family issues or dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership.

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Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A strives to help men and women through the complex legal process of divorcing or separating. As an experienced Divorce Mediation Lawyer and Domestic Partnerships Attorney, Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A helps couples minimize the stress and costly delays that are common in Florida’s legal system. Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A has earned numerous accolades in consensual dispute resolutions / collaborative law.

Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A can assist with your legal matter if it requires a knowledgeable legal document preparation lawyer, spousal support attorney, property division lawyer, pre-marital agreement attorney, or post-judgment modification attorney. As a skilled child custody attorney and child visitation lawyer, Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A works closely with clients to assist the parties in determining the best parenting plans. As a skilled child support lawyer, she looks to resolve these matters as efficiently as possible.

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