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Estate Planning Services
Losing over half of your estate to taxes and other settlement costs doesn’t have to happen*. We strive to help our clients keep what they have worked a lifetime to put together. Our proactive consulting approach will help you determine:

• Your estate transfer tax liability*
• The likelihood of achieving your goals with your current estate documents
• The strategies to consider for lowering your taxes and enhancing your estate*
• Structuring your IRA to continue growing tax-deferred over your children’s lifetime*

A major aspect of financial planning during life is focused on acquiring and preserving financial resources for your family and heirs. Estate planning is concerned with the most effective and economical distribution of these resources at life’s end. Proper estate planning reduces problems or burdens for the heirs and helps avoid the costs and notoriety of probate.

One of the benefits of an association with us will be the information you will receive regarding developing an estate plan* that includes:

• Ownership of assets
• Beneficiary designations
• Selection of guardians, personal representatives and trustees
• Durable Power of Attorney
• Living Wills
• Tax saving opportunities*

As the size of your estate increases, you will likely consult a competent estate-planning attorney. We can help streamline that process by helping you identify your wealth transfer objectives before you meet with him or her. We can also work with your attorney to make the most efficient use of his or her time.

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