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An estate plan puts you in control of your financial destiny, and preserves the assets for which you’ve worked so hard. In addition, it provides the outline for an orderly, efficient transfer of assets to your heirs, and minimizes the costly impact of estate taxes. By utilizing a trust, you may also reduce your estate settlement expenses as well as guard your family’s privacy by removing assets from the probate process. In short, a trust is a very personal asset management plan that you design with your attorney.

At our firm, we do more than simply manage your assets—we ensure they are administered without interruption and passed to the next generation according to your desires should you become unable to manage them. While we do not act in the capacity of corporate trustee, our clients often appoint us to act as investment advisor for their personal trusts held at other institutions such as bank trust departments. This has become a highly sought after and rapidly growing segment of our business.

Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A is familiar with all the various complex instruments used in the estate planning process. We will work on your estate’s behalf to minimize taxes, resolve administrative problems, and provide prompt distribution to your heirs and designated beneficiaries.

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