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No one likes to think about death and dying. Unfortunately, it is something we all must face at some point. People often complete estate planning after the death of a spouse, closed loved one or friend — or after a serious illness of themselves or a loved one. Almost everyone has some assets, and it important to take the time — sooner rather than later — to consider who you want to get those assets that you worked hard for over the years.

The term “estate planning” is very broad and often times people are unsure what it entails. Many times people think that estate planning is simply filling in the blanks of a preprinted Last Will and Testament or other documents that one can find through a random online search. This is not the case, as each person has individual needs that cannot be answered with a cookie cutter preprinted form. It is true that estate planning can be what we call simplified estate planning with the preparation of a few selected documents, specific to your needs. However, it can also be much more complex and involve detailed planning such as executing a trust.

Speaking with an experienced estate planning attorney at the firm of Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A will allow you to determine what is best for the needs of you and your family. We welcome you to contact us today for a free estate planning consultation to help decide why type of estate planning is right for you and your family.

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Basic Estate Planning Documents
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Special Considerations
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What to Bring to Your First Appointment
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