Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A

When faced with a tough family issue like divorce, child custody and alimony payments, you want expertise on your side; someone who will help you understand the process, answer your questions, provide sound legal advice and is concerned about your future.

At Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A, our Florida divorce lawyers provide unemotional guidance based upon years of experience. Whether the case is big or small, simple or complex, representing your best interests is our top priority.

Expert Legal Representation
We represent clients in all aspects of Family Law. Our list of Services includes but is not limited to:

• Child Custody, Support and Visitation
• Spousal Support
• High Asset Dissolution of Marriage
• Family Law (all areas)
• Property Division (Inheritance, Debt, Separately Held Asset Issues)
• Relocation Cases
• Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders
• Tailored Legal Advice to Meet Your Needs

We approach each case from the perspective, circumstances and needs of the client. Some clients’ needs are best served by aggressive litigation. Other clients are better served through thorough preparation and in-depth knowledge. Your situation is unique and different from others. Our Florida Divorce Attorneys employ whatever approach best suits your needs and leads to the most effective outcome.

Get Your Questions Answered at No Charge
It starts with a phone consultation. We want to learn everything about your situation, assets affected and children involved. From there, we develop a strategy to pursue the most desirable outcome for you and your family. Get your Free, No Obligation Phone Consultation today.

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