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Divorce Law
Whether your case is simple and amicable or complex and contested, Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A is here to help. We understand that a divorce is one of the most painful and traumatic life experiences that most people will ever face. The decisions you make during this process will have a long-term effect on both you and your family. It is imperative that you choose a skilled divorce lawyer to advocate for your rights. If your situation is urgent, or you would like to schedule a confidential consultation today, call us or fill out a Case Evaluation Form.

We handle all divorce related issues, including:

• Divorce Mediation
• Spousal Support (formerly known as Alimony)
• Child Custody
• Post-divorce Support & Custody Modifications
• Second Opinion on an Existing Divorce or Family Law Case

Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A boasts an accomplished team of attorneys, divorce coaches, and financial planners who will help you create a plan for your family’s future and assist you through the legal process. We will design a unique strategy for your individual case depending on your personal needs and goals. We place a strong emphasis on the resolution of issues outside of court, but when necessary, we provide superior representation in court.

Most people don’t realize that going to court doesn’t get you a fair deal. Florida is a no fault state, which means that even if you think your spouse is entirely at fault for the divorce, the judge won’t care. “No fault” means no one is at fault, no matter the circumstances. What you get in court is distributive bargaining: The judge is going to look at what you have and split it how they see fit. Do you really want a stranger to decide your future? Probably not.

Our skilled family law attorneys understand that divorce is really about starting over. More and more people are turning towards less expensive, more effective out-of-court divorce solutions to keep their private lives out of the public record and decisions about their future in their own hands. Our staff is committed to helping you save time, money, and heartache. There are many divorce options to choose from in Florida, but here are the top Seven Options for Divorce.

Our office provides a large list of unbundled legal services that include everything from paralegal services and second opinions to the newest cost-effective divorce alternatives. Not only do we help clients achieve the results to which they are entitled, but we support their mental health and wellbeing throughout the process. We create an environment of respect and diplomacy as we help clients to be their healthiest selves, enable smoother transitions, and preserve positive memories of the marriage, while ensuring a less traumatic experience for the children.

Contested Divorce
In the event that your case cannot be resolved through some form of negotiated settlement, Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A experienced litigation team is prepared to fight for you even through the most complex and contentious family law matters. If you are in need of a strong hand to walk you through the process of a contested divorce or other family law matter, our attorneys have unmatched courtroom experience in Los Angeles. We will provide expert guidance and careful attention to detail. Our family law lawyers utilize advanced analytical skills, a vast knowledge of the law, and creative problem-solving techniques to ensure that your family, your assets, and your interests are protected.

To speak to an experienced family law attorney about divorce email us or call us today or fill out a case evaluation form.

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