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In our experience, divorce is the great equalizer. It does not recognize economic or social classes. It does not bias toward some racial or cultural backgrounds against others, nor does it favor any particular religious affiliation over everyone else. Rather, divorce can happen to anyone… and when it does, it tends to be an extremely upsetting, potentially traumatic experience for all parties involved. Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A is Florida divorce attorney many of your fellow residents have relied on for representation throughout the divorce process.

As experienced, locally vested divorce attorneys in Florida who have served so many different people going through so many different family law situations, we are not here to judge. Instead, we are here to serve your highest interest and best good during this critically overwhelming time in your life. We provide a full bevy of divorce attorney services, including:

• Uncontested, collaborative, contested and high conflict divorces
• Alternative dispute resolution including mediation or arbitration
• Complex debt and property division situations
• Legal coaching to help prepare you for court proceedings
• Utilizing financial, healthcare and other industry professionals for case support
• Spousal support and child custody – support installation or modification
• ‘Gray Divorce’ for couples over 50 years of age
• Military divorce situations for armed forces families
• Same sex couples divorce and domestic partnership division
• International divorce for property division, child custody, and more….

We always strive for cooperation and collaboration, because we understand amicable outcomes take much less of an immediate, as well as long-lasting toll on all involved parties. However, we have no issue whatsoever aggressively, tenaciously defending and protecting you in high conflict situations. In this way, you can trust our flexibility to be your strength during an incredibly difficult and trying time in your life. We welcome you to contact us today to discuss your unique situation, and to learn more about how we can help be here for you.

Florida Divorce Law
Florida State divorce law applies to every city and county statewide. When you retain our services, we will sit with you and walk you through every divorce law that applies to your unique situation. However, we have compiled some regularly asked and almost universally applicable divorce law information here for you to review:

1. In Florida, divorce is formally recognized as ‘dissolution of marriage.’ Our state does not recognize common law marriage (or long term partnership without a license) in a ‘dissolution’ sense. However, it does recognize domestic partnerships in terms of division of property and/or debts between people who shared resources while living together. In all of these situations, mediation through attorneys can apply.
2. Florida is a ‘no-fault’ divorce state. Florida State divorce law states that neither party needs to prove the other is at fault in order to seek a dissolution of marriage. Also, it only takes one spouse to file for divorce in the county they or their spouse lives in, by stating the marriage to be ‘irretrievably broken.’ This means the marriage cannot be saved, and no chance for reconciliation exists.
3. The divorce process takes a minimum of 90 days. Even if the divorce is amicable and in this regard, uncontested (or collaborative) between both spouses, Florida State divorce law requires a minimum of 90 days before a court finalizes your case. During this time, your attorney can submit temporary orders for issues including child custody, financial support (for spouses and/or children), and use of property.
4. The court ultimately decides divisions. Although your attorney is instrumental in getting you the most beneficial case settlement, the court will ultimately decide who gets what. This includes division of property ‘fairly and equitably’ (but not necessarily equally), spousal and/or child support amounts, and child custody schedules. There are many factors unique to your situation the court will weigh when making these decisions.

Divorce Lawyer
In all our years as a locally vested divorce lawyer in Florida, we have been involved with family law cases of all sorts and severities. Regardless of the unique circumstances surrounding your need for a divorce lawyer in Florida, there are several generalities that tend to apply to many people going through a divorce situation. The most important generality, at least from a legal standpoint, is to retain the services of a dedicated, supportive and caring divorce lawyer in Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A. But this is only one step of a multifaceted process. The other steps include:
1. Getting your records together. We will need your current financial information in order to get a good idea of where you stand on your own, as well as with your estranged spouse. Some common information a divorce lawyer in Seattle, and the court, need to see includes bank statements; state and federal tax returns; credit card, loan, and mortgage debt documents; insurance plans; real estate evaluations, and more.
2. Compiling your resources and support. Divorce means your life is going to irreparably change. Beyond a reliable divorce lawyer in Seattle to help you through the legal process, make sure you gather trusted family and friends to help provide the emotional support you need during this time. Also, and possibly with the help of your support, get your current finances, living situation and any other pertinent daily concerns into order.
3. Doing your parenting homework. For divorce cases involving children, it is extremely important to research the effects family breakups can have on the most vulnerable and impressionable of all parties. This includes how to best introduce your children to the topic of divorce, how to honestly answer their questions in terms they can understand, and how best to support the emotions they will experience during this time.
4. Exercising self love, acceptance and forgiveness. During a time of serious emotional distress and life upheaval like divorce, we plead with you to please be gentle and caring WITH YOURSELF. You cannot heal or grow if you do not give yourself the space to do so… and you (along with your children, loved ones or anyone else who cares about you) are relying on you to come through this experience a better person than you entered it.

Divorce Attorneys
At Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A, we understand the overwhelming nature of the family law process from a legal standpoint can easily be compounded by the human toll divorce takes on someone experiencing it. As dedicated, locally vested divorce attorneys, we also understand our job is to help make this process go as smoothly as possible for you and your loved ones. Together, we will help you successfully navigate the choppy waters afloat, and stably stand tall on your own two feet moving forward. If you are at the point in your life and your partnership where you are ready to retain experienced, supportive, caring and protective divorce attorneys, please contact us today to schedule a consultation that works with your schedule.

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