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If you’re looking for the best divorce lawyer in Florida, the Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A is the right firm to approach. We are an experienced, innovative firm that provides our clients with advice and services on a wide array of legal issues. We understand that a divorce is an emotionally challenging legal matter that requires a knowledgeable and detail-oriented approach that only an experienced family law attorney can provide. We have helped countless San Antonio area clients get through perhaps the most difficult time in their lives.

Our firm will discuss the issues that have caused you to seek legal advice during a divorce lawyer consultation, and we can prepare you both financially and emotionally for seeking a divorce. We treat each case uniquely and customize our divorce, separation, and family law advice to suit your needs. Every divorce is different, and every client is unique. We have someone on our team for everyone. Whether you need a men’s divorce lawyer, an aggressive divorce lawyer, or a lawyer who specializes in mediation and dispute resolution, we have you covered. If your divorce is particularly contentious, you may need an aggressive divorce attorney to represent your interests, but, even in uncontested divorces, lawyers at our firm work zealously with clients to achieve amicable settlements. By definition, all divorce involves some level of conflict. We’re here to help you navigate through the conflict to a place of peace on the other side. Our job is to get you to those solutions so you, your ex-spouse, and your children can start the next chapter of your lives.

Finding a good divorce lawyer is easy when you call Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A.

We Keep Working For You After The Ruling
Our legal representation does not end when your divorce becomes final. At Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A, we will enforce all court orders, including custody agreements, protective orders and any other upcoming issues that relate to your family’s well-being. We have the competence and qualifications to complete Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) necessary to receive any pension benefits agreed or ordered. After your divorce is final and your agreement is in place, you will have our continuing legal support.

Divorce Lawyer
At Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A, we appear on behalf of our clients at all family court proceedings. As circumstances change, child support or child arrangements may have to be revisited. One divorced spouse may find a professional opportunity in another state, requiring a hearing on relocation. We have over two decades of experience dealing with everything from no contest divorce to military divorces. We can help clients with custody and visitation schedule here Florida or on military bases throughout the world.

Divorce has significant personal, financial, and emotional impacts, whether the issues involved are contested or uncontested. We provide honest, straightforward legal advice and representation to clients seeking a divorce. For a free consultation on how we can help with your divorce, give us a call us.

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